Seven Devils Wilderness – ITA Project – Day 1, Central Idaho

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I was off to one last Idaho Trails Association project for the year, it’s a project we worked on last year but one that needs yearly maintenance. See the links below for last year’s trip. Once again, a big thanks to the ITA and the National Forest Service for setting up this trip! Also thanks to our 9 volunteers for all their hard work.

After arriving at the Windy Saddle Trailhead last Wednesday mid morning, we were soon off with our full packs and tools. Judging by the standing dead trees and the reports of much downfall, we had a feeling our work was cut out for us….. so to speak.

Soon the steeple chase was on with our heavy packs and hands full of tools. We were skipping some early work to set up base camp.

The conclusion of the first climb rewarded us with amazing views!

It was time for work!

A look back to Windy Saddle were we had parked.

As you travel further into the Seven Devils Wilderness the views so go off the charts!

Devil’s Tooth!

Pack, work, pack, work!

Finally, after a long first day, we arrived at Basin Lake for our camp.

Of course I was up at night shooting the stars!

Unfortunately, this would prove to be the last opportunity I had to shoot open skies as our next base camp was low in the basin and under a thick forest canopy.

More to come from this 5 day adventure!

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