Seven Devils Expedition (Episode 3) Hell’s Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

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On the third day, we woke up to rain and fog, the good news, it was not as smokey!

Camp was soaked so we opted for a later start to allow things to dry off a bit.

That meant some fishing!!!!!! I rarely put a photo of myself on this blog but John snapped this one of a big fish! Biggest of the summer! Of course it was returned to the lake a little tired but unharmed!

Immediately, John grabbed his fishing pole and went to work!

Comfortable with my big fish lead, I set down the fishing pole and grabbed my camera. It was fun to watch the fog lift.

A few minutes later.

Finally, the mountains across the lake with a sprinkle of Autumn on the slopes.

It was time for a group shot! All the colors of the rainbow….not in order but still appropriately social distanced!

Well, about the time we were going to pack up and leave, the skies opened up again. After hunkering down for a while, it sort of broke and we headed back to work.

Today, no smoke but lots of fog. We still could not see the amazing views but at least we could breath!

Do not adjust your computer, it was actually this foggy! We clothes, wet tools, wet packs, wet brush, wet, wet, wet! We were having fun now!!!!

At least the work kept us warm.

Finally, late in the day, things started to break up. The peak on the right is actually one I climbed last year (called Peak 8740). Check it out here:

In this image we are approaching our destination for the night, Lilly Pad Lake. You can just make it out in the middle of this image.

Beautiful lake with lots of……Lilly Pads, Peak 8740 again on the right.

As evening came on we even got a glimpse of blue skies, something we had not seen the entire trip.

Come back soon for the exciting conclusion of the Seven Devils Expedition.

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