Seven Devils Wilderness – ITA Project – Day 2, Central Idaho

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On day two of our ITA project, we woke up to a beautiful calm sunrise over Basin Lake.
We also learned that one of our team members was not feeling well so we sprung into action as a team and revised our original plans. We now needed to cut all the downed trees between our base camp and the trailhead to make it easier traveling on the way back. Additionally, we moved our base camp back a couple of miles down to the crossing on the East Fork of Sheep Creek.

A big bonus for me, I was able to shoot one of my favorite old snags in all the Seven Devils Wilderness which is located along this section of the route! I love the way is stands out against the clear blue morning skies. You will see more images of this spot later in the trip!

Today was all about hard work and not photography so here are a few before and after shots. Before…




You get the idea!

Finally, after a long hard day, we completed our mission and headed back to our new base camp which is about 1200 feet below in the canyon.

Tomorrow, we start our attack the Dry Diggins Loop!

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