Seven Devils Expedition (Episode 1), Hell’s Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

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John and I were off to another Idaho Trails Association (ITA) work project, this time up in the Seven Devils Mountains which is Northwest of McCall. This expeditions will cover about 30 miles in 4 days. Nearby fires made for very smokey skies and hard breathing.

Nothing like doing trail work with a full pack and smoking cigarettes!

Although smokey, the views were still pretty good!

Fall colors were in full effect here at 7500′ of elevation. If you look closely, you can see John most of the way across the talas field.

Some of the Seven Devil Peaks blanketed in smoke.

Members of our crew moving towards our next work area.

More peaks above our first night’s camp spot.

I was up in the middle of the night trying to shoot stars and the Milky Way through the smoke.

Come back soon for the next episode of the Seven Devils Expedition.

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