Seven Devils Expedition (Finale), Hell’s Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

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On the final day, I was up about 4:30 am and was happy to find clear skies. Although the nearby views were not that wide open, I was able to snap a few shots of the stars and Milky Way.

A couple hours later, we awoke to cold temperatures and a frosty meadow.

The clear skies produced a welcome sun, something we hadn’t seen in these parts for a couple weeks with all the smoke. With all the previous day’s rain and fog, along with the cold temperatures, I was struggling to keep my camera lens frost free.

We had about 6 miles of trail to clear today before arriving at our cars. First, we needed to work our way down this canyon to Sheep Creek then back up the other side.

The climb back out had amazing views of The Devil’s Tooth.

It was about a 1700′ climb back up to the next ridge. These open talas fields were nice because there was little to no work need.

As we continued the climb, I took advantage of the lack of trail work and shot lots of photography. Every 10 minutes or so the view changed.

At this point we are nearly level with the top of The Devil’s Tooth (near ground and He Devil comes into view. Check out this post last year when we climbed both the He Devil and the She Devil.

This image shows She Devil on the Left, He Devil in the middle and Peak 8740 on the right, all of which we climbed last September. See the link above. Devil’s Tooth is now below us just below the snow field between He and She Devil.

No visit to the Seven Devils is complete without seeing Mountain Goats. Check out this post from our last visit when they came into our camp. That is He Devil in the background and Peak 8740 to the right.


Big picture, the sheep are on the near slope mid image.

At the top of the ridge, our crew sat for lunch, enjoying the view.

Here is the view. This is looking towards the Southwest, you can just make out Oregon in the distance and Hell’s Canyon is between here and there.

Finally, about mid afternoon, we approached the end of the loop. Our cars are parked in the saddle just above John and Scott. The total trip was about 30 miles in 4 days. It was a fun trip with good hard working folks. Next time, I’m coming back with fishing gear and no tools!

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