About My Camera

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Perhaps some of you who regularly follow my blog or some who have stumbled upon this site might be curious about my camera equipment. Since most of my photography is shot on the move, I try to keep it lean mean and simple…. that being said, as I get more into the photography than actually being the move, my gear list expands! Photo Credit: Nicole B.

The Body – Sony AR7ii Full Frame Image Sensor, mirrorless camera with 42.4 megapixels.

The Lenses

Sony G Master FE 12-24 Wide Angle Zoom. In the past, this has been the workhorse of all my lenses.

Sony G Master FE 24-70 Zoom.

Sigma Optics 14mm f/1.8 Art Fixed. At least 9 of 10 images I shoot these days are with this incredible lens. It is a light gobbling machine!! Perfect for low light landscape photography, which, if you haven’t already noticed, is my passion!

Accessories: Tripod – ME Foto Roadtrip, Carbon Fiber; Flash – (yeah, I have one but it almost never gets used!) Sony HVLF32 ; Computer – Apple MacBook Pro; Processing Software – Adobe Bridge and DXO – NIK collection; Website Host – WordPress ; Computer Bags – F-Stop Navin, REI Trail 5 waist pack, and Vaude 6 liter seat post bag.

iPhone 10 for video and snap shots.

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