Seven Devils Expedition (Episode 2), Hell’s Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

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The morning of day 2 we were up early, excited to cut more brush! As we were packing up camp, a curious young buck checked in on us.

The smoke had intensified overnight, ugh!

Although this looks like the moon it was actually the sun about 10:00 am.

Hike, work, hike, work, rinse and repeat!

The fall colors were stunning around every corner.

Smoke, the sun and old snags!

After a couple of hours we approached the Horse Heaven Saddle which appears to be slightly mislabeled with the sign on top, but upon closer examination, it is not.

Over each ridge is a stunning view, even with the smoke. Scott and Chere stop to enjoy the moment.

Then, a few minutes later, John does the same. The little peak mid-image is Potato Hill, a high point which John wanted to bag. Our destination lake for this night was just on the other side of Potato Hill. FYI, Potato Hill is still unconquered by John as we all were out of gas at the end of the day. Like MacCarthur, he will return!!!

Here is what they were looking at…. if you look closely on the hillside across the way, you can make out our trail.

More Fall colors.

Finally, after a long day of trail clearing and full pack hiking, we arrived at our destination for the night, Baldy Lake.

Two more days to come, check back soon!

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