Platt Peak (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On Day 2, we awaited the arrival of Team 2. Nicole and I headed partially down the mountain to greet them. The colors of fall were near and far.

After a nice hard effort, both teams were together at the camp site having lunch. In the background, Platt Peak watches over our expedition. We enjoyed the moment on John’s birthday sharing a few stories and soaking in the outdoors at a significant Platt family location.

We all gathered on John’s Rock for a group photo. The group: Myself, Tom, Dakota, Art, Jasmine, Mariel, Danny, Nicole, Craig, and Jim. I have named this John’s Rock because he loved fishing off this spot and I have a bunch of photos of him doing just that! (Check out this link here .) Interestingly enough, his brother Tom also has a rock, it is located on the back side of Cly Lake #4. (See that rock here, it has a couple pictures of John catching a fish there and Ruby posing on top).

Jasmine and Mariel, John’s two beautiful daughters. It was an honor for me to share this day with these two amazing people!

After lunch, it was time to make our climb of Platt Peak.

At the saddle between Platt Peak and Golden Lake Peak, we take a moment to soak in the views of the Lick Creek Range. This was truly one of John’s favorite spots in the world.

Notice the clouds building? It was time to get up the mountain before our weather window closes.

Nicole and Danny make their way up the ridge. This was Tom’s first climb of Platt Peak and he agreed that this is one of the most amazing ridge climb’s in the Lick Creek Range.

Below, Golden Lake and our camp spot on the opposite shore mid lake.

As we reach the summit, Mariel and Tom take the honor of the team’s first summit. It was quite emotional for all of us as we all took a moment at the top.

Danny makes his last summit move. John would have been so happy to see someone make his first ever mountain climb on Platt Peak. John was a lot of amazing things but most of all he was a brilliant teacher. Bringing someone new to this unique outdoor experience would warm his heart!

After a few moments of mixed emotions on the top, it was time to get down. You can see the weather building behind us.

One final shot, the shoulder of Platt Peak on the left and Mount Horrendous and Fitsum Peak in the background.

We retired back to camp and spent the evening toasting John and sharing stories of his amazing life.

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