Cly Lakes and Tsum Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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After returning a few days ago from our Buckhorn Lakes Expedition, John was looking for an “easy relaxing hike” We decided to go do some wandering and fishing at the Cly Lakes. See John’s trip report here:

Soaking in the sun on a relatively cool day.

Our first lake of the day, Cly 1. We have been to the Cly Lakes system several times but never bothered to visit Cly 1. Turns out is is quite a beautiful hanging lake.

Cly 2!

Cly 3 and Cly 4! These two lakes are actually connected by a narrow channel.

Doing a little fishing in Cly 4. Ruby is struggling to get used to this fishing thing.

While we waited for John to finish fishing, Ruby and I went to work.

The fish here are beautifully colored!

This is what we called Cly Peak, just above the lake.

Leaving Cly 4.

Cly 5, down below Cly Peak on the right. Check out this trip report and see the day we climbed Cly Peak. It has a great bird’s eye view of Cly 3 and 4.

Unnamed bonus lake, or pond.

Tsum Lake and Tsum Peak in the background.

Looking down on the lake, the water was so clear that you could see much of the bottom. I declared “this lake is too shallow for fish”…. I was wrong!

One final view back at the Tsum drainage. It was a relatively relaxing day for a John hike, 8 hours, 7.5 miles, 3200 feet gain, 6 lakes, a couple ponds, and a few of fish!

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