Platt Peak (Day 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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September 15th is John’s birthday so we long ago decided to do this memorial backpack trip in his honor. Our plan was to do a nearly identical trip which we made last September just a few days after his birthday. Check that out here and here.

When it comes to full backpacking, it doesn’t get much harder than this! Danny, Nicole, Craig, Dakota, and I slowly powered our way up the mountain. We were the first of two team which were planning the assault on Platt Peak. Team One goes in on Wednesday and Team Two on Thursday. The plan, to summit Platt Peak on John’s birthday.

We arrived at Golden Lake about noon, had lunch then set to do backpacking things like fishing and reading.

Of course it wasn’t long and we were itching to climb a peak……. in classic John style “Hey…… maybe we should run up and tag Snowslide Peak……” With that, we were off up the classic “Platt Route” to Snowslide Peak. Behind us, Golden Lake Peak.

Off our right shoulder, Platt Peak which we hope to summit tomorrow with members of Team Two.

On the ridge, we had amazing views of John’s favorite Lick Creek Mountains.

We began our final approach to Snowslide Summit and BOOM a clap of thunder. Behind us, some nasty weather rolling in. The summit of a peak is the last place to ride out a thunder storm so we backed off the mountain and ridge.

Heading back down, the weather started looking better. Craig takes a moment to take in the amazing views.

Back down at Golden Lake, we went back to doing camping things with Platt Peak looming overhead.

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