Golden Lake, Golden Lake Peak, and Platt Peak (Day 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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With colder weather and rain moving in later this week, It was time for a season finale backpacking trip. I haven’t been to one of my close in favorite lakes all year so I talked Ruby and John into joining me for an overnighter. Check out John’s trip report here.

The hike up to Golden Lake is brutal with a day pack. The full pack hike proved to be a beatdown. Although there is a trail, of sorts, the hike involves a 2000 foot gain in about 1.5 miles.

Upon arrival at the lake, we ate lunch and commenced doin lake things! Like fishing! (No fish were harmed in any way during this trip!)

and posing for photos…. notice the wind?

and some light hiking around the lake and to a nearby overlook….

Our friend Art arrived later that afternoon. With the cooler temperatures and recent rain, we finally were able to build a small camp fire. Art loves to build camp fires! We only invite him along when it is safe to do so. It was a wonderful and relaxing evening. I love Idaho!!!!!

Tomorrow, we planned to tackle the two adjacent peaks. Y’all come back now ya’hear!

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