Golden Lake, Golden Lake Peak and, Platt Peak (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The next morning we woke up to another breezy day, perhaps a sign of weather to come! Across the lake, Platt Peak. Before we tackle that peak, we will head up and over Golden Lake Peak, just off image to the right.

From the lake, we head basically straight up, that was pretty much the theme for this trip, that and straight down!

Pictures never give you the feel of how steep it really is but near the top, there was some four wheel driving!

Looking back at the lake, that is Snowslide Peak with Beaverdam Peak in the distance. I have climbed 7 peaks over the last 6 days and Beaverdam was one of them.

On top of Golden Lake Peak. I wonder why it is called Golden Lake Peak? This image does give you a sense of this area’s verticality. About 900 feet below this peak is the lake. Out the other side of the lake through the draw is the trail from the road which is 2000 feet below the lake.

Off the other side of the peak is the East Fork of the Lake Fork drainage. Ruby and I have climbed most of the peaks on the horizon and John has climbed them all!

Between our two peaks today was a fun ridge walk on an absolutely beautiful fall morning.

Platt Peak! Its a bit of a bugger!

John sitting on the summit and Art making his final summit move.

On the way back down, I couldn’t resist shooting this old snag with a bunch of my favorite Lick Creek peaks on the horizon.

It has been a wonderful summer hiking season in Central Idaho. Thank you to all my Idaho friends, especially John and Ruby! Like a migrating snow bird, I now head for other adventures around the world and in warmer climates. Stay tuned everyone, for the first time in two years, I will be returning to my second home in France!

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