French Creek Lakes, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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As we got off the plane in McCall from our Frank Church Wilderness trip, Craig was setting up the next adventure……”Fishing Trip on Wednesday!!!” I had been wanting to get back to a pair of lakes I had visited with John and Julie several years ago.

We made the long drive out to Fisher Creek Saddle and found ourselves in a relative oasis which was clear of smoke.

Along the hike, great views Black Tip Peak and the Lick Creek Mountains in the distance.

Another view of Black Tip Peak (center) and Black Tip Mountain on the far right.

After a fairly good slog, we were on the ridge above the French Creek Lakes. This is the point where John, Julie, Ruby and I turned around during our last visit (See that trip here ).

I guess it has been 4 years since we visited these lakes and I was anxious to get back and actual try a little fishing.

Tom uses the power stance to start whipping water!

Fishing with my hiking pals is like everything else in our lives, its always a bit of a competition. Craig has somehow taught Dakota to let him fish in peace and at the sometime “help” Tom and I fish. And by help, I mean get around our feet, swim next to our fishing spot, get off and shake on our fishing rock, jump in the water when we catch a fish to try and knock it off…… etc.

After a little fishing, Ruby wanted to do a photo shoot.

Finally, after a wonderful afternoon at the lake, it was time to head back.

One last photo on the way out with the fall colors in full force and the wildfire smoke starting to settle in.

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