Boulder Creek to Kennally Creek Expedition (Day One), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John, Tom, Ruby and I were looking to get out of town for the holiday weekend and yet try to do something a little less difficult than our usual bushwhack beatdowns. We decided to do a point to point cross country hike across several drainages and into some area we have not explored. The day before, Tom and I drove to the Kennally Creek trailhead, dropped off my car and rode our bikes back to town. Early the next morning, we talked Craig and Susan into joining us for the first day’s hike to Rapid Lake (and dropping us off at the nearby Boulder Creek Trailhead). They weren’t able to join us for the entire trip but enjoyed the relatively easy hike to our first camping spot. Yes! That is a trail, all the way to Rapid Lake! Check out John’s trip report here.

After about 2 hours, we were at our camping destination for night one, Rapid Lake. With the holiday weekend, we figured that this relatively close in lake might have other campers so we got an early start. We wanted to set up on the peninsula camp site which is the crown jewel of this lake. We had scouted this lake a couple years ago, see that here.

With the early arrival, our day hikers had time to enjoy the early afternoon. Craig went right to work trying to catch a fish.

Soon Tom was whippin water!

Meanwhile, both John and I decided to give Tom a head start on the fish count….. neither one of us was concerned about the ultimate trip fishing victory as we had fished with Tom before. John went for a little reading.

Ruby and I did a little photo shoot.

After a significant head start, John went to work.

Later in the day, our day hike companions headed back home and the three of us kicked around the idea of climbing the nearby Rapid Peak, something John, Ruby and I did a couple years ago, see that here. That never happened but we enjoyed lots of conversation and a late evening fishing session. Skies were clear and the nighttime photography potential was high!!! Stay tuned for more!

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