Middle Fork Lake and Buckhorn Mountain Lake (Day Two), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The next morning, we were up early and after some extra caffeination we headed off to tackle Gunsight Notch. See John’s trip report here.

From the top of the notch looking back down. Its no Alice Lake but not too bad! In the near distance, the top of Slick Rock and in the further distance, the Crystal Lake Basin.

The view looking off the other side. On the horizon center image is Squaretop Peak.

After a short steep traverse, we were looking down into the Buckhorn Lakes Basin. Remember when we did that last year? On the horizon very left edge is Nick Peak.

Off the other direction is Buckhorn Mountain Lake, our next destination.

About an hour of boulder hopping, we arrived at our lake. (Just off John’s right elbow.)

Fishing soon followed. One comment here on the vast experience John has in the backcountry. He apparently “forgot” his daypack so I ended up doing this three hour adventure from our camp carrying my water, fishing pole snacks, windbreaker, etc as well as all of John’s gear and water too……

Time to head back too camp then back home. But not before admiring the fall colors.

John headed back to the Gunsight Notch where our camp and lake are on the other side. Also, visual confirmation that he was not wearing a day pack.

After hiking all day back down the Middle Fork drainage we arrive back at our car. Here is proof that it was a long hard day….. One might think that this photo could be evidence of animal cruelty but if you look carefully at Ruby’s face, that is a giant grin.

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