Boulder Creek Drainage to Kennally Creek Drainage Expedition (First Night), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The night photography conditions turned out pretty well although you can definitely see some smoke near the horizon. Check out John’s report here if you haven’t already.

Nice tree reflections and notice the Big Dipper bowl on the right side and it’s reflection in the water.

The longer I shot images, the more the smoke covered the Milky Way.

Back to the Big Dipper with rocks this time.

Looking northward, the Milky Way is thinner but you can see an airplane crossing near the trees. Also of note in this image is the Andromeda Galexy, just to the right of the milk way. Andromeda happens to be the furthest object you can see with the naked eye at 2.5 million light years.


This is one of the last image for the night, notice the smoke has really moved in but the airplane above the trees is interesting as well as the near perfect reflection of the plane in the water below the rock. Also, the bright object on the left I believe is Sirius, the Dog Star which happens to be the second brightest star and is about 8.5 light years in distance.

Come back soon for the next day’s transfer to Pete’s Lake.

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