Summit Lake, Rapid Lake and Boulder Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Labor Day is nearly here and since Boulder Road was recently closed due to a fire and announcements of it’s reopening were hard to find, John, Ruby and I decided to head up the Boulder Drainage for the first time this summer. This is one of the most popular hiking spots in the area and for a couple of grumpy old men like John and I, it’s a no go zone for us during the summer! See John’s trip report here:

I’ve been getting a little feedback lately that all these beautiful lakes and mountains are starting to look the same in my blog posts. Everybody is wanting some France pictures and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen. Therefore, I grabbed a longer lens for today’s hike and with a little help from Ruby, I tried to vary things up a bit.

A look back down the canyon from where we hiked up the left side of Boulder Lake. On the right side is a small little rock outcropping above the lake which John named Boulder Point. On the way back out, we will hike up the open hillside around the right side of the lake.

Ruby at Summit Lake.

John confirming that there are no fish in Summit Lake.


Ruby loves to play stick! She can only take so much of a break while we fish then she hunts down a stick and basically makes you throw it for her. You would never know that she probably already has 10 miles in her legs by this point! Check out that smile on her face!

Warning! Lake shots….. Rapid Lake with Rapid Peak above!

Boulder Lake!

Jug Mountain as seen from Boulder Point.

Finally, it is fire season and you can just make out a fire near Yellowpine. Much of the smoke in our air is from out of state, but we do have a couple fires cooking nearby. This image looks back at Buckhorn Peak on the left and Rapid Peak on the right. Check out these posts from earlier this year and last fall when we climbed them. Today’s hike took us up the meadow in the middle, to the saddle just below Rapid Peak. Just below that saddle sits Summit Lake and just below Rapid Peak is of course Rapid Lake. Neither is visible from this angle.

3 Replies to “Summit Lake, Rapid Lake and Boulder Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho”

  1. Looking at your great Idaho mountain photos, I was reminded of something I had completely forgotten about, namely “The Idaho Conspiracy”, which turned up on the internet about twenty years ago. It is essentially a spoof on conspiracy theories. Is this something that anyone in Idaho has ever heard of?
    The reason I found this at the time is that there was a similar spoof in Germany back then called “The Bielefeld Conspiracy”, claiming that the city of Bielefeld did not exist. Their main arguments were: “Well, you’ve never been to Bielefeld, have you? And you don’t know anybody from there, do you?”


    1. HAHAHA, that is funny! Somebody took a bunch of time to write that one up! Indeed, Idaho exists! Although I was born in Texas, I have live here since 1966. I can’t speak to whether it existed before that but for the last 55 years, it has been here! I hope all is well in Germany! I very much miss Europe and can’t wait to get back for a visit soon!!! Thanks for the question Don.

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