Vic’s Peak, Rapid Peak, and Buckhorn Mountain, Valley County, Idaho

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It was the last Ruby Tuesday of the year so John and I decided to make it a good one. Three Peaks and over 11 miles. It turn out to be a great 8 hour day. See John’s trip report here when available: The day starts off with a hike up the Boulder Lakes Trail, a popular destination for many folks but this late in the year it’s pretty quite. (Minus one goof ball triathlete!) Here is a view of Jughandle Mountain with the early morning sun.

Since it’s Ruby Tuesday, of course Ruby will be heavily featured!

Here, Ruby proudly sports something from her fall hunter orange collection.

We had a wide variety of snow conditions today from bare south facing slopes to crunchy non supportive crust to knee deep post holes. It was always changing!

John and Ruby taking a break after a particularly difficult section of wind blown snow drifts.

Views off the top of Vic’s Peak showing Rapid Lake below and off in the distance, Upper Boulder Lake which we walked past to get here. Also on the very right side of the image is our next climb, Rapid Peak.

After a somewhat challenging ridge walk, voila! The summit of Rapid Peak. Our third peak of the day is on the left side of the image, Buckhorn Mountain.

Views looking down towards Upper Boulder Lake, the McCall Valley below.

Looking back at our last two peaks. We were essentially walking the ridge between all three of these mountains.

A look down at Summit Lake and over to Rapid Peak. Notice the views of south facing slopes look much different than north facing slopes!

John and Ruby congratulating each other for completing our third climb of the day!

A view looking down our decent valley as we worked our way back home. It was a wonderful last Ruby Tuesday!

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