Snowslide Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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It was a bit of a stormy day here in McCall so John, Ruby and I were looking for a mellow relatively short hike. Snowslide Lake is a beautiful choice but one we avoid due to its popularity…… Today, not a problem! See John’s trip report here:

After the creek crossing, we head up the side of the canyon which usually has great views of nearby peaks.

After an hour or so we arrived at Snowslide Lake. Notice Snowslide Peak in the background, one we normally climb at the end of each May.

We hung out for a bit and the skies started to clear.

John brought hot tea which was a nice treat on this cold day.

Obligatory Ruby images: Notice the slightly annoyed look in this first image?

She was annoyed because what she really wanted to do was play her favorite game “Get the Stick” instead of working for the camera. Notice the tail!


On the way back down the mountain, we finally had a view of Beaverdam Peak and some of the area up around the Burnside Lakes.

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