Golden Lake and Snowslide Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The snow is finally starting to melt up the mountains to the point where we can get up Lick Creek Road. Our first real Lick Creek Road hike of the year as always is Golden Lake/Snowslide Peak. See John’s trip report here: Here is my trip report from last year:

After climbing for about an hour, we hit continuous snow. If the climb to Golden Lake looks steep… is!

On this year’s trip, we were joined by a special guest, my daughter Nicole. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my kids!

Ruby posed for me on the frozen lake.

After reaching Golden Lake, it was onward up to Snowslide Peak.

This snow field under Platt Peak is a site to behold! I love photographing this section!

Soon we were up on the saddle between Platt Peak and Snowslide Peak. Tom and John played some NTP. Ruby has heard it all before and wasn’t even pretending to be interested.

After a quick break, it was onward up to Snowslide Peak.

Our destination is on the right.

On top of the world!!!! It was Nicole’s first time up Snowslide Peak and John quickly grabbed here for an extended version of NTP! They were both in heaven!

I made a quick change in lens and shot a bunch of photos. We had lunch, and Nicole opened her tradition can of green beans. Both Ruby and Nicole love green beans and munched down on the weird summit snack while John, Tom and I threw up a little in our mouths! (no pictures shown here of the green beans!)

It was an incredible and beautiful day on the summit so we spent a good long time on top.

Back down we go. We stopped for a break to get a picture of Tom, Ruby, and John in front of Platt Peak.

Nicole in front of Platt Peak.

Back down the snow field.

Golden Lake reflection.

Finally, a water cascade coming down the Slick Rock area.

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