Council Mountain, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On a cold morning here in October, John, Julie, Ruby and I made our way over to the mountains west of Cascade for a mellowish hike up Council Mountain. Council Mountain is a prominent peak in our area which holds snow late into the year. See John’s trip report here:

The late fall colors were out!!!!

After a couple hours of hiking, we crested the ridge from the trailhead and had our first view of Council Mountain. Ruby, sporting the latest fashion in winter Ruffware, went to work posing! Notice the spot of new season snow just under the summit….

As we worked our way up the ridge, (with the exception of a small Johnny beat down short cut) we had beautiful views of our target.

Looking back north, you can just make out Payette Lake in the distance.

John, working his way up the spine of Council Mountain.

Looking back the other way, Julie is following the same route.

Along the final ridge to the summit were a few old dead snags.

Near the top, Ruby waits for mom and dad.

John and Julie further down the mountain. Notice that you can just make out the Walla Mountains which are in Oregon. They are just below the cloud deck near mid image. In the valley below you find….the town of Council.


Back down we go…… this time we bypass John’s short cut and all participants are much happier!

Ruby makes a wardrobe change and takes one last image in front of Council Mountain. With all the fishing John and I have done over the last month or so, you can see in Ruby’s body language the satisfaction of finally bagging a peak.

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