Burnside Lakes Reprise, Part 2, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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After Art confirmed the lack of fish in Burnside Lake #2, we headed on up the mountain to a few other small ponds in the basin. As we checked out this small frozen pond, the though bubble above Ruby reads “Thank god! we can climb instead of fish!” See John’s trip report here: http://www.splattski.com/2020/burnside_lake_II/index.html

A cool looking meandering stream high in the basin.

Further up the mountain, another small pond, that is Teardrop Peak in the background.

Up on the ridge, John and Art enjoy the views of the Lick Creek Drainage while Ruby scans the area for Sciuridae Eliminanda.

A look back down at the last frozen pond and Burnside Lake #2 below…..in the distance, 33 Peak, and Sawtooth Peak behind the tree on the right.

As we turned the corner and looked down on Burnside Lake (#1), Art plays NTP with John. Burnside Peak looms in the background…..Hopefully I got that right this time!

A winter scene looking back at Sawtooth Peak.

The small saddle to the left of the tree is Hum Saddle, my daughter’s favorite place in the world…… I can never see Hum Saddle without thinking of her and a can of green beans! (FYI, Nicole loves to snack on green beans at the top of Hum Saddle, it always makes me gag a little when she drinks the juice!). https://davefaitlemonde.com/2018/07/27/hum-lake-saddle-payette-national-forest/

Burnside Lake!

Heading back down the mountain, Ruby takes in the view.

Finally, the next morning, John and I headed out for a Search and Rescue call. Our way, we stopped at the top of Lick Creek Summit where I snapped this shot of Beaverdam Peak.

In all, a wonderful adventure to one of my favorite places in the world. I liked so many images from this hike that it needed two blog posts!

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