Teapot Saddle – Payette National Forest, Idaho

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A couple weeks ago, Art and I climbed Teapot Mountain and cut across this trail. I wanted to get back and do a mountain bike ride up and over the saddle.

This trail is well worn by the motos so the going was pretty good and things were mostly clear, even this early in the “summer”.

Along the way, great views of the South Fork Mountains popped out of the trees.

After topping out and rolling down the other side, I arrived at Buckhorn Creek. This is a ride that John and I had done a couple years ago about this same time of year. Check it out here.

Slightly out of sequince, Miner’s Peak.

Along the bottom of the canyon, this year’s first spotting of Balsamroot.

Spring runoff and warm temperatures, a good day had by all!

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