Idaho Trails Association, CLEM South 2023 – Poverty Flat Campground, Payette National Forest

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It was time for the annual ITA Crew Leader Training. This is one of two training sessions that is available for crew leader in the state. CLEM stands for Crew Leader Education and Mentoring and is also named in memory of an amazing past crew leader – Clem.

Friday night was all about camp setup and re-connecting with friends.

The next morning, welcome to the Idaho Mountains in May! Puffy coats and coffee!

Fred and crew did a great job keeping our coffee topped off and our bellies full!

We basically took over the entire campground with tents and campers.

Time to work! This is what an Idaho wilderness classroom looks like.

Our mighty leader Alex did an amazing job. There is a reason this organization is thriving, great leadership from Alex, Mel, Kelly and the ITA Board. Thanks for all you do!

It seemed the sun would never get to the bottom of the canyon!

Break out sessions involved moving into the sun!

All of these ITA crew leaders are amazing. One would be hard pressed to find a group of more experienced back country and trail maintenance folks.

Speaking of experienced outdoorsman, Jeff lead the saw clinic.

While most of the crew leaders broke up into trail maintenance groups, Gregg, Kirsten and I headed further up the trail to do some recon for an upcoming trial project.

This trail up to the junction of the Blackmare trail was steep, beautiful, and tickie.

After about 4 miles, 1500 feet of climb, and 50 ticks, we flipped around and descended back to camp. We were able to enjoy the work provided by the other crew members and with the brush cleared back, fewer ticks it seemed!

A great weekend of friends and learning. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!

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