South Fork of the Salmon River – Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I’m back down in the “South Fork” for a few days, this time I’m doing a little mountain bike exploring. There are seemingly hundreds of trails coming off the South Fork Road and I have only been on a few of them. My goal today was to go up a few new ones and check them out.

Along the way, a great view of Minor’s Peak. A careful look mid image under the peak and you can see a ribbon of smoke from a recent “Controlled” burn.

First trail, Buckhorn Creek. I’ve hiked this one but it has been a coupe of years. Check that hike out here.

I didn’t get very far and then decided to find a more friendly and less brushy option.

This is the Four Mile Creek Trail. A great trail but a bit steep for mountain biking.

The Phoebe Meadows Trail, it’s not too steep, not too brushy, just right!

After a great ride, I headed back to camp for some wildlife photography….out the window of my van.

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