Buckhorn Creek Mountain Bike, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John and I needed to head down to the South Fork of the Salmon River for an Idaho Trails Association Conference so we decided to leave a day early and do some mountain biking. Something we do very rarely is car camp….. or base camping out of our vehicle. John loaded up his wife’s camper and off we went!

Being my artistic director, John knew I was in need of bright colored clothing for photographs.

The trail up Buckhorn Creek was quite nice and both John and I had good legs today! “Good Legs” is a cycling term meaning we were climbing well! Sometimes we say “No Chain!” Which means I’m climbing so well it feels like the chain is missing.

We came across this weird patch of tree moss…..

What this image does not show are the ticks…..

However, if you zoom in carefully, you might see some on John’s legs!

Amazing views along the creek.

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