Sawtooth Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I’ve been wanting to get back and climb this peak for a couple years now, I last climbed it about 4 years ago with John. Check it out in this trip report here.
I took the image below a last month. It shows the north face of Sawtooth Peak, today’s climb will take us basically up the right shoulder.

The peak assent starts with a steep trail up to Snowslide Lake with great views of the Lake Fork Creek Valley.

Snowslide Lake, this place gets a lot of day hikers and the trail to this point is fairly steep and beat in.

After Snowslide Lake, the trail gets much more thin.

Snowslide Lake from near the saddle between Sawtooth Peak and Snowslide Peak.

On the back side, The East Fork of the Lake Fork Creek Drainage.

At the saddle, we took a break and noticed the dark clouds off to the west. After a few rumbles of thunder, we retreated back off the saddle and hunkered down for a bit. Tom sports his high dollar rain coat.

After about 20 minutes, the skies cleared a bit and we proceeded with our climb.

Near the summit, Tom sprints to the finish!

Tom standing on the summit peaking over the edge.

Here is the view off the other side….. Check out this trip report from when we visited this lake below. John named it Cody’s Lake.

Views from the top.

On our way back down, another shower!

Back down at Snowslide Lake, the rain has held off so far.

One last bear grass shot, it is out in force this year.

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