Idaho Trails Association – North Fork Lick Creek (Finale), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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My morning picture of the sun filtering down to the valley floor.

It was time to pack up camp and head back to civilization.

Since the bulk of our trail work was finished, I took some time to do photography.

Full packing down the trail with tools. At least it is downhill this time, mostly!

A classic “Art” shot.

Now Art with bear grass.

We had left a few down trees on the way in but we made quick work of them. By we, I mean Art and Dave, I was shooting pictures!

Time to drop out of the hanging valley and into the South Fork of the Salmon River Canyon.


Down hiking with full packs and tools uses a whole different set of muscles!

Art wears a white hard hat because he is a “Good Guy”!

From here it is almost 2000 feet down to the trailhead.

Team photo.

Thank you NFLC team, ITA, and the Payette National Forest for this wonderful experiance. It was a chance to preserve and restore a seldom used trail into a amazing remote canyon.

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