Beaverdam and Pot Peaks, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Tom and I headed out today for a local favorite, Beaverdam Peak. This image shows the peak from a couple years ago. It is a beautiful mountain and fairly well armored….. meaning its tough to get to.

I have climbed Beaverdam from several different approaches but my favorite route is via Box Lake. As we climbed the trail to Box Lake there are wonderful views looking down the Lake Fork Creek Drainage.

The trail to Box Lake is fairly steep but takes you through a couple hanging valleys.

The route to Beaverdam Peak doesn’t actually take you to Box Lake. At the ridge above the lake, you take a sharp right hand turn.

We needed to walk a couple miles on a ridge to access the Beaverdam climb and along the way, it’s not much of a detour to bag Pot Peak….. Which we did. Tom looks off Pot Peak with Beaverdam Peak just beyond.

Pot Peak provides a great view of two recent climbs, Sawtooth Peak on the left and the shorter Snowslide Peak on the right.

Desending Pot Peak, we found lots of snow.

Further down the ridge provides our first good views looking back at Pot Peak.

Below, Pot Lake

Another view looking back at Pot Peak, the peak on the left is actually not a peak but part of the Pot Peak Ridge.

After a good beat down climb, we are on top of Beaverdam Peak.

Now we need to walk back on basically the same route. This ridge has really amazing pockets and ledges.

A few minutes later, we are on the ridge above Box Lake.

High country flowers were everywhere!

One final image of Pot Peak before we dropped off it’s right shoulder and returned to civilization on the Box Lake Trail.

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