Flying Fish and Peak 65ish, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On day two of John and Tom”s excellent peak adventure, we headed to a couple peaks at the top of Lick Creek Summit. Across the valley, yesterday’s peak looms large! Today’s hike provides the best possible view of Beaverdam Peak.

After some fairly open off road hiking, Flying Fish enters the picture. John complained that his arm was a little sore from the day before but he could not figure out why.

A dog and her man soaking in the views. That is 20 mile creek drainage down below.

I told Tom and John to bag the summit of Flying Fish without me because I wanted to get this framed photo……

After some lunch with a view, we headed to our second mountain top of the day, Peak 65ish. Ever wonder how a peak gets the weird name like 65ish? Check out my trip report from last year. Here

Along the way, we stopped at Cly One for a little fishing and a photo shoot.

At the top of the ridge, Ruby scans the valley below. Peak 65ish on the right and Cly Peak on the left.

Looking the other direction, Ruby takes a break and contemplates yesterday’s brush beat down. If you could see her though bubble it would say: “What the Hell? I see 5 other decent routes off Beaverdam that are way better then yesterday’s!”

Enjoying a moment near the summit of Peak 65ish with Beaverdam Peak as a backdrop.

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