Twin Peaks, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On the final day of John and Tom’s big peak adventure, we headed to a pair of peaks off the popular Louie Lake Loop. That involves a hike past Boulder Lake which if you are a frequent flyer on Davefaitlemonde, you have seen. Regardless of how many times we hike this route, this view never gets old!

Of course Ruby makes eye contact with me and we both instantly know what needs to be done.

A little further up the trail and it’s time to Name That Peak!

How’s the view? Pas Mal!!!!

Looking back down at Boulder Lake while making the climb.

On top of North Twin Peak.

On our way to South Twin Peak, we get a nice view of Louie Lake and Long Valley below.

South Twin Peak, not the hardest summit we have ever climbed!

On the way back down we pause at Louis Lake for a quick photo. It was at this point that Tom decided to win the trailhead sprint and he was soon out of sight. It was kinda a crappy deal that we were dropping but Tom want to prove he could kick the sh&% out of a couple old f*&&^ing bike racers! And he did!

Finally, I wanted to take a moment and thank these two guys for allowing me to tag along. If you search the web for any information about climbing a peak in Idaho, or many others from around the region, you will quickly land on one of the web sites managed by these two guys. (John’s: or Tom’s Between them, I estimated they have about 5000 ascents from all around the world but especially here in Idaho. While it may be true that others have done more, or done them faster, or even in some cases before they did, few are more willing to share their experience for others to enjoy. Chapeau John and Tom!!!! FYI, see all those peaks on the horizon? One or both of these guys has been on top of every one! That is true regardless of which direction you look from this mountain top!

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