Beaverdam Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John’s friend Tom was in town for a couple days of “easy” peak bagging so John rallied the local old guys and put together a 3 day peak bagging agenda which included about 9 peaks….. Besides being a relatively famous Idaho climber, Tom has an amazing online resource for peaks in Idaho. See Tom’s website here. Of course, not to be outdone, John’s web site is not too shappy. See John’s website here. (You have likely already been there if you are a regular viewer of Davefaitlemonde!)

Tom, Art, John, Ruby and I headed up the trail to Box Lake…… This three peak day was not feeling too easy to me!

Lunch with a view!

Time to leave the trail and head up. When I wiped the sweat out of my eyes, one could see the amazing colors!

Ruby found a rock overlook of Box Lake, struck a pose and waited for me to get my camera out.

One thing about Ruby is that she loves snow! A couple days ago we had some high country snow, the first of the year! Ruby found a couple pockets of remaining snow and gobbled it down.

Up on the ridge, Pot Lake and Pot Peak. If this area is looking familiar, it’s because John, Ruby, and I had gone to Beaverdam Peak and Pot Lake a couple weeks ago. See that post here.

Beaverdam Peak approach.

On the peak, Art strikes his famous summit pose.

Good times! Mountain men in their happy place!

Soon, John’s arm started quivering, Art, Ruby, and I knew what was coming and got the hell out of there……. NTP with someone new! This went on for some time!

Today’s route took longer than expected (shocker) so we opted to take a more direct decent straight down to the road. Now in life, people tend to only remember the good times and forget the hard times…… John and I had descended this route less than one month ago. It’s the route that I christened John the “Alder King”.

No pictures will be shown from the bushwhack beat down that ensued but rest assured that this time I will remember it!!!

So we are already behind schedule, we need to double up our peaks for the next 2 days to insure we get the goal of 9!

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