Cly Lake #1 and Peak 65ish

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It was John’s birthday today so I need to take him out for a Birthday Hike. It was so smokey that we wanted to keep it easy but also keep it high on the fun scale. Cly Lake #1 is a close in lake that almost nobody visits and we had heard a rumor that it was full of brook trout. See John’s trip report here: This first image is of the view over Lake Payette which explains the need to take it easy!

The Fall colors are in full force here in the high country!

Despite the smoke, Ruby was happy to be out!

Soon we were at Cly 1.

We sat and got our fishing gear ready and I pulled out birthday cupcakes then John pulled out hotdogs and a couple birthday IPAs… a strange gastronomically challenging combination!

Being John’s birthday, I was feeling charitable so decided to give him a big fishing handicap and shot a bunch of Ruby pictures. Here are the many faces of Ruby! First, The Thinker

The Ham

The slightly annoyed, When are we going to bag a peak.

Gimmie the stick!

Oh boy do I love to fetch the stick!

After a relaxing hour or two at Cly Lake #1, you knew it was coming…..”Heyyyyy, I haven’t been up that peak for 20 years!” Next thing you know, up we were going!

At the top, a summit move was required to hit the peak. Not too bad for a senior citizen!

Then he was able to spend a birthday moment in his happy place with the hazy sun behind.

Sawtooth Peak on the horizon. See this trip report when we climbed it a couple years ago:

Ruby looking back down on Cly Lake #1 that is a small peak we call Flying Fish just behind Cly Lake #1

After a goodly about of time on the summit, we headed back down. Not a bad way to spend one’s 65th Birthday. This turned out to be John’s 64th peak of the year, hence the name, Peak 65ish. Had we know at the time we need one more to make 65 for the year, we probably would have headed up Flying Fish! Next year we will be more prepared.

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