Crystal Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Today, it was time to visit a local favorite! Crystal Lake! Texas Tim is in town this week and he wanted to return to one of his favorite hikes and fishing lakes. I rallied the McCall group and Art, Craig, John, Tom, Ruby, Finn, Dakota, and I headed out!

Fall colors along the trail? Yeah, we have those!

Up to the ridge we go, more colors!

Craig takes a moment at the ridge top to enjoy the views of The Middle Fork drainage….. Remember that trip from a couple weeks ago? Check it out here! Gunsight notch is pretty obvious from this prospective.

Crystal Lake! This is my second visit to Crystal this year and the views never fail to impress!

Fall colors along the lake.

Earlier in the hike, Ruby pulled me to the side and made it pretty clear that she is my dog model, not others! On Tuesday’s hike (see that here), I was able to photography Finn and made him an internet star….. Sorry Ruby, no other dog images will appear in today’s blog. By the way, notice the dismissive expression on her face? I think she was sending me a clear message!

Finally, it’s relatively common to talk about the next hike we are going to do while completing the current hike. Golden Lake sits across the canyon in the pocket below the middle peak….. Stay tuned, we will soon visit that lake!

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