Boulder Creek to Kennally Creek Expedition (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The next morning, Tom, John, Ruby and I woke up to a beautiful day. Check out John’s trip report here if you haven’t already.

We soon packed up our camp and headed for the next destination, Pete’s Lake. Along the way, we passed Vics Lake.

After some questionable navigation from our expedition leader, we arrived at Kennally Summit. Some of our favorite peaks are in the distance.

From Kennally Summit, we said farewell to the trail for the rest of the day. From here on, its cross country time. The fall colors and low angle autumn light was fantastic!

We walked along the ridge atop Kennally Creek.

We opted to bag a peak along the way, John had been here before but neither Tom, Ruby or I had. If you look closely mid image you can see brothers Tom and John lined up for the peak sprint. This is Pete’s Peak.

From the top of Pete’s Peak, our destination for today, Pete’s Lake. This vantage point also shows our route for tomorrow which involves climbing back up the ridge and traversing another two basins where we will stop at Cougar Lakes.

Looking the other direction from the summit, you can just make out Buckhorn Mountain Lake which we visited a few days earlier…. see that trip report here.

Finally, down at the lake, we enjoyed some relaxation, fishing, and a little day hiking. Above and just to John’s left is Pete’s Peak. Also note the smoke rolling in from the south, say good by to the crystal clear skies for a while!

Pete’s Lake is down in a deep basin and is heavily treed so no night shots tonight…. Stay tuned for Day 3, coming soon.

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