Boulder Creek to Kennally Creek Expedition (Day 3), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Pete’s Lake on a beautiful late summer morning.

I love the tree reflections.

We packed up camp and headed back to the ridge. If it looks steep, indeed it was! That is full pack mountain climbing on a climb that last year my buddy Tim labeled “This F^&&$ing Mountain”!

Once on the ridge, things got a little easier.

After a bit, we were looking down on Cougar Lake.

John, Ruby, and I had been here a couple years ago and knew there was a fantastic camping spot. Ruby did a quick inspection and approved the spot.

After a little recovery time, we all went on a small 2 mile day hike to explore the area.

Back in camp, brothers Tom and John set to fishing.

A wide open campsite and great orientation for Milky Way images held great promise for some nighttime photography. Hopefully the smoke doesn’t “rain” on my party! Come back soon!

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