Anderson Lakes, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John, Ruby and I headed up to the Anderson Lakes today. We visited here last August during a rain storm but did not do any fishing. See that trip report here: We also headed up from a different drainage, one we have been up many times before, the Boulder Lakes Drainage. See John’s trip report here:

Here is a view from the ridge looking down on the main Anderson Lake. In the background, much of our beloved Lick Creek Range.

This is one of the two other Anderson Lakes, more of a pond but very beautiful.

Looking back north at Nick Peak, one of the taller mountains in our area.

A second small pond above Anderson Lake.

After doing a close fish inspection, Ruby declaimed “No Fish Here! Let’s eat lunch!”

This is a view of Anderson Lake looking back at the saddle we had just come across and the first pond sits in the pocket just below Boulder Mountain.

The lone tamarack was very cool along with it’s reflection in the lake.

At the saddle on the way back out, Ruby stops to take in the view. Off in the distance are a few peaks we did last year about this time.

Finally, one quick note about Ruby….. I call her “Ruby the Culvert Inspector” because any time we pass a culvert, she does a quick inspection. I’m not exactly sure why, perhaps checking for animals or perhaps checking for proper sizing…… it always reminds me of my engineering days when I sized and designed many a culvert crossing myself!

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