White Rock Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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With an early start, John, Ruby and I headed out for White Rock and White Rock Peak which is located above the South Fork of the Salmon River. Check out John’s trip report here: http://www.splattski.com/2021/white_rock_ridge/index.html

In the bottom of the canyon, it was quite chilly and we were anxious to get up the ridge far enough for some sunshine.

It didn’t take long and Ruby wanted a photo shoot. It had been a while and she was excited to pose!

After climbing a good hour, we finally saw our target for the day, still well above us.

Lots of other views as well of the nearby peaks.

About 2000 feet into our climb, just over half way, the world changed and we need snowshoes.

After about 3 hours, our peak was in sight.

John in his happy place, on top of a peak he had never climbed.

Headed over to White Rock which is a rock formation just below the peak and also it’s namesake.

It takes a small push up a side ridge to reach White Rock.

Finally, a shot looking back down our climb. You can just make out the river where we started about 3500 feet below.

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