Jigsaw – McCall, Idaho

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It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood so we decided to go for a little hike.

This was Mark’s first hike with us and he didn’t realize that if you start pointing at stuff you end up on the internet.

The flowers are always out here first, even when there is snow everywhere else.

A dead snag and squiggly lines in the sky.

This spot is so beautiful in the spring.

Higher up the mountain, building moisture in the sky is a clue confirming the forecasted rain later this week.

Dakota and Ruby were having a ball!

Below, Little Payette Lake is starting to fill with the spring runoff.

Ruby loves to cool her tummy on a warm day.

I have shot this tree it seems a thousand times…. It never seems to grow. Here is a link to a bunch of other Jigsaw hikes.

I have shot this rock a few times as well. In the background is the Lick Creek Mountain Range.

Mark, Anne, and Craig enjoy the quiet beauty of the Payette National Forest…..although technically, I believe this is State land.

Ruby has done this hike many times, she knows the drill.

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