Hazard Falls – Idaho County, Idaho

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We have had some wonderful weather lately and local hiking opportunities are starting to open up.

Hazard Creek is just down the road from McCal and is a springtime favorite.

Dakota is usually very difficult to photograph as she is always on the move. Today she was in a mood and I got her a couple of times.

In the trees on a side creek is Hazard Falls.

The falls is in the trees and is difficult to find a good open angle. Here are a couple.

It is pretty spectacular and both Craig and I speculate that it drys up later in the year.

Pollock Mountain.


Ruby is easy to shoot and loves to model.

Many times she finds the shot before I do and patiently waits for me to find her.

At Hazard Creek Falls, (different from Hazard Falls) we stop for lunch and some time to relax in the warm sunshine.

The high country has a lot of snow to release. It is going to be a big runoff year.

The falls is pretty spectacular but tucked into the cliffs so it is hard to get an unobstructed view.

What a wonderful afternoon! Warm temps and good company!

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