Reed Ranch to Yellowpine – Valley County, Idaho

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It is now time for the cycling portion of the Reed Ranch camping trip.

After breakfast, Art and I headed down to the confluence of the East Fork of the South Fork and the South Fork of the Salmon. I have been to this bridge many times, its not easy to reach. It is always a good day when it gets photographed!

It was still relatively early in the morning so it was still a bit chilly, especially in the shade.

In these parts, it is relatively common to see avalanche run-outs at the bottom of the canyon. We saw a bunch of them.

Caton Creek.

It took quite a bit of work to get this road deep into the Salmon River Wilderness.

Stunning views!

After a nice little spin, we arrived at Yellowpine, first photograph is of the Yellowpine Gold Course.

The golf course sits just outside the city limits.

Earlier in the day, Art mentioned that a stop at The Corner for lunch would be a good idea. So we did and we were not disappointed! The tri-tip sandwich is legendary around these parts and it was amazing!

Classic Backcountry Idaho.

After lunch we talked about playing a round of golf (you can rent clubs at the general store) or roll up Johnson Creek Road to the airport, we chose the spin.

This entire ride gradually climbs and we were now starting to get into the snow.

After checking out the airport, we turned around and enjoyed the warm afternoon and gradual decent back to the confluence.

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