Teapot Mountain – Payette National Forest, Idaho

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My buddy Art joined me last night and we woke up to what we hoped would be clear skies. Not quite…

Our goal today was an accent of Teapot Mountain. This is a peak that is relatively low elevation and we hope would be snow free, mostly. After a relatively easy stroll along a well used trail, Art studies the map an says its time to go up!

Our route takes us up the game trail on the right.

After a good warmup climb, we were looking across the canyon at the Reed Ranch Airstrip.

Higher up the mountain we ran into some snow and these tracks…. gulp! That is a big puppy!

Old snags and snow capped mountains.

Art works his way around the side of the mountain go get a view of the Lick Creek Range. Notice the snowshoes are still on his pack as we near the top, that is a good thing!

A view looking south. The mountain tops are all still in the clouds. Far below now is the Reed Ranch Airstrip.

A zoomed view and you can actually almost make out the van.

At the top, we enjoyed a lunch and the glorious views. We sat down on the foundation of an old fire lookout. John had been here a few years ago but in January. Check out that report here.

Looking north though the trees, the lower ridge and peak in the foreground is Krassell Knob, another potential peak for early season bagging. These low elevation peaks are in the 5500 to 6000 foot range and are right now just below the snow line…..mostly.

Mone more view from the top and it is time to head down.

After a relaxing afternoon soaking in the sun, we went for a little hike around the old ranch and found this grave marker. The sign says “Reed Babies Burial”. Another reminder of the harsh conditions the early settlers encountered in this area.

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