Reed Ranch to Split Creek Trailhead – Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Today, my buddy Rich came down from wintery McCall to join me for a Lick Creek Road tour. The day before, Art and I had gone right, today, Rich and I are going left.

We stopped at the confluence of the South Fork of the Salmon River and the Secesh River. It is a very cool curved bridge.

Looking upstream on the Secesh River.

Right across the bridge, back in 2018, I was riding with John when he suddenly said “STOP!!! Take my picture! I did and he told me the story of when he stood here in 1981 on a bike tour. I stopped and had Rich take my picture in his honor. Below, we have John here in 1981, again in 2018 and my recreation in 2023. You can see John’s trip report from that 1981 trip here.

Back on Lick Creek Road, we start climbing towards the summit and crossed the Secesh River one last time.

Check this out! As we were riding along, both Rich and I thought we were having a weird bike issue but it turned out to be this frog pond.

Further up the road, evidence we were not going to get much further. You can see through the trees the pass we needed to cross if we were to ride to McCall.

Things don’t seem to be too bad, we should press on!

I’m sure it will be better around the corner!

Done! Just short of the Split Creek Trailhead, we used the convenient bike rack and took some pictures before flipping around. A great ride on a great day!!!

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