Undisclosed Location in Southern Utah at Night

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My eyes popped open at about 3:00 AM and I peaked out the window hoping the clouds had cleared off….. A gift from the photography gods!

This location is remote and dark, even this shot looking off to the northeast has great Milky Way Exposure.

There is nothing more spectacular than a starry night with crystal clear skies and a dark location.

In all, over the next 2 plus hours, I shot about 200 images with all kinds of different locations and light variations.

This is a look north with the glow of Moab on the Horizon.

If you saw yesterday’s daytime photo shoot, you know that this lone tree was going to be a reoccurring theme.

How many different ways and angles can you shoot one tree?

Here is a little break from the tree and a dark stroll up a small nature path. Notice the airplane on the horizon.

Just as I pulled the trigger on the shutter, along comes a car on the nearby access road. At first I was bummed but kept things rolling. It provided a unique wash of light over the entire area.

Now it was time to pull out my own light and do some painting.

This is probably my favorite image of the bunch.

Same tree, same light effect with a different angle.

Ok, its time to start winding things down, the moon is about to rise and everything is going to change.

Boom! As soon as the moon crests over the hill, even the faint light of the crecent moon washes out the entire scene. Time to pack it in and move on.

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