Undisclosed Location in Southern Utah

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In almost all cases, I don’t necessary hide the locations I visit but this is a special one! If you are headed to Southern Utah and need a quiet place to camp, let me know and I might share with you…

I had been dodging thunder showers for the last hour and was glad to see my chosen campsite was not deluged.

Last year, after clicking around on the interweb for a goodly amount of time, I had found this potentially good campsite. I wasn’t able to visit it last fall but was glad it worked out on this trip.

The clouds threatened for about 45. minutes but the rain held off long enough to get in a solid photo shoot.

This area is quite spectacular and very quiet. Moab is a zoo right now and vitally nobody makes it out this far.

A tree, cool beans!

I was really hoping to shoot some star photography tonight but it doesn’t look promising. However, the clearing line off to the north gave me hope.

One final image and then I scrambled back to the van just in time. The rain came!

Very similar image with some filters applied!

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