Palo Dura Canyon State Park – Canyon, Texas

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I’m only here in Palo Dura Canyon for one full day then heading further north so I wanted an early start to get in a bunch of riding.

I found some steep technical trails on the east side of the canyon but most of it was ridable….. by someone I am sure.

Getting near the top of the canyon after climbing for a goodly amount of time the views were amazing and I was warmed up!

At the top, I take in the views with my Speanchi, too bad Ruby is not here!

Looking down from the top of the world. The elevation up here is about 3400′ and the bottom of the canyon at my camp is about 2700.

Behind me the view is much different, just a large mesa.

Heading down the rock garden trail…. I figured out why they call it the rock garden. It is a very well built trail and an amazing ride down.

One final view before dropping in.

Cactus Rock.

A Richie Tree!

This area reminds me of the Moab Trail System particularly 7up, which is my favorite Moab trail.

Cool rocks!

Even cooler rocks!

Patined Rocks, the most cool rocks!

What a great morning of riding. I rode for a total of about 4 hours which included a lunch break. In all, I rode less than half the available trails. What an amazing oasis of single track in a vast sea of midwestern prairie! I shall return!

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