Caprock State Park and Trailway – Quitapue, Texas

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It is super cool that most of the trails in this park are open to mountain bikes. Time to hit it!

First, an little warm up spin over to Lake Theo.

I was not aware of this!

Looking down on the park from a relative high point, my ride today will take me over hill and dell all the way to the horizon.


LPFs and my Speanchi.

This turned out to be an ongoing theme throughout the ride. Routing around the bison.

The trail just goes up and over this ridge.

Although not pure single track, this trail system is pretty cool.

Cactus and eroded hills.

I waited for this guy to move for a goodly amount of time. I eventually took a right turn and hike-a-biked down the wash and around the bison just to find more.

After dodging bison for the next hour or so, I ended up on top of the mesa and was ready for a ripping decent back towards camp….. If you look carefully you can see a bunch of moms and their babies standing in and around the trail…. I wasn’t about to mess with these mammas so backtracked and took a different route back to camp.

Back and camp, I cleaned up and settled in for the afternoon working on my blog. These guys wondered through and made me laugh. Make sure you watch this video to the end. As always, if you receive this notification via email, I believe you need to log onto my web site to actually run the video.

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