Stargazing – Caprock Canyons and Trailway State Park, Quitaque, Texas

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This morning I was up just after midnight to capture some star photography. When shooting at night, one must thread the needle of pre moonrise, post Milky Way rise, no cloud cover, find a location away from city lights, etc. Today, all good except the Milky Way has not risen and when it does, it will be in lockstep with the moon which will wash out many of the stars.

Therefore, I have some great images of stars when looking out of the Milky Way. I believe the glow on the horizon is the city lights of Lubbock, Texas which is located about 75 miles south of this park.

This day and age, it is often difficult to shoot the stars without capturing an airplane. These images have about a 20 second exposure so the blinking aircraft lights create a dotted line.

One last image with a shooting star. Make a wish!

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