Sunrise, Caprock State Park and Trailway – Quitaque, Texas

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I woke up several times during the night, as I usually do…. I saw tons of stars out the window but could not muster the energy to jump out of bed and shoot the Milky Way.

Therefore, I was up early enough to shoot the last of the dark skies and the pre-dawn. With the half moon, it tends to wash out most of the stars.

There is not a lot of moisture in the air so the sunrise is going to be somewhat vanilla. The moon is providing enough light to paint the canyons and other landscape.

Time to get creative while I wait for more dawn colors. First up, a self portrait.

Now a tree silhouette.

Back to the brightening skies.

A few clouds on the very distant horizon provided interesting light.

Every sunrise is different. I do love soaking in these quiet moments out in nature.

One final sunrise image and time to head back to camp and prep for the day.

Back at camp, I worked on some photography processing, had breakfast, then prepped for my mountain bike ride. As I was all set to roll out, these fellas decided to mow the grass.

How close were they to the van? CLOSE!

Ok, now I ready want to roll but need to get these guys to move on. The Speanchie is ready to rumble!

One final image of this bison headed down to the neighbor’s. A note as well and a correction to yesterday’s blog. These are the American Bison, not Buffalo. Buffalos live in Africa and are more commonly known as Water Buffalo.

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