Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway – Quitaque, Texas

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It’s time for the change of seasons and my return back to Idaho for the summer. The Texas heat is building and the McCall snows are forecast to start receding. Along the way, a few adventures.

I first heard of Caprock Canyons a few months ago on the news when a hiker was malled by getting too close to a Buffalo. When I pulled into the park, I was hoping my van wasn’t going to find the same fate. As shot through my windshield and bug smudges.

A quick establishment of camp and it was time to get the lay of the land.

I always try to scout out some nighttime and sunrise spots when I arrive…. this one is a 10 minute hike from camp and should work.

A small hike the other direction and another really cool canyon.

The puffer clouds made for nice land shadows.

One nice thing about this park is that it has a bunch of trails and most are open to mountain biking…. guess what I’m doing tomorrow!

Tine for some tree photos! Notice the terrain has been trampled by the buffalo herd. The ranger at the check in desk said this is the home of the “Official” Texas Buffalo Herd…… implying there may be some unofficial herds?

This is more of a snag than a tree.

Stay tuned everyone, I have a few adventures planned this week along the route to Idaho.

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